21 December 2010

I Saw The Light

Public radio journalist Jay Allison has said, “Your beliefs are in jeopardy only when you do not know what they are.”

I’ve never really addressed the issue of why I am a Christian, let alone an Adventist, over the duration of my life. Like many, I’d like to think I’m a Christian because I have established a relationship with Jesus and I have accepted Him as my personal Savior (I saw the light!). In all honesty, that isn’t true for me. My story as a Christian is not at all lovely or inspiring.

My parents raised me in an Christian household. Since kindergarten I’ve been surrounded by Christians, and I like some Christian things like gospel music, theology, and hoping for things unseen.

For a while, I’ve struggled with humanism, sometimes deism, or even agnosticism but not atheism; no damnation for me thank you…I only jest (I do think, by the way, that it should be alright to go through these struggles because it develops character). These ideas seemed appealing because I didn’t need faith, only reason, on top of a lot of indifference. That way I would not have to deal with spirituality. The thing is, those world views could not complete me, as trite as that may sound.

Now I acknowledge that the best answer to our problems in society and in the world is what the Christian writer C.S. Lewis calls “mere Christianity”. The solution is the simplest yet most profound statement of theology and philosophy. It is how another Christian author, Ellen White, closes “the Great Controversy”, and it is “that God is love.”

If you can't beat ‘em, join 'em.

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gladys said...

i like this post. really like it. simple, concise, interesting throughout, and full of faith. on with the war. :)

*adding you to my list*

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