22 March 2011

The first leg

I'm here at Sea-Tac International Airport, right in front of the window my father and I sat in front of several months ago when we were on our way to Atlanta. It is night now and it is not the bright sunset I once peacefully saw but the lights of small airplanes preparing for take off. The airport isn't very noisy, but it isn't exactly peaceful. A beautiful art piece made of hundreds of simple dangling airplane toys hangs from the ceiling. Light reflects off the strings and give an illusion of the sun piercing through clouds.
I love the airport. It is a busy place thus appealing to my senses, but what's more is that it is essentially a gate to the world, a port of possibilities. It has its shops and restaurants like a mall, but the fact that its visitors are here with a purpose and a destination give it allure, esteeming it to a place where dreams can be reached in a click of a seatbelt. My future as a student and a scholar, and as a theologian and a professor shall be reached at this port of possibilities, where the road lies tonight.

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