12 June 2011

Were the World Mine

I noticed there was a slight ratings jump after the blog post where I said I would share my own intimate mysteries and ideas. I'll have to say then that You're All A Bunch Of Phonies.

At the end of a certain experience or at the closing of a chapter in one's life, you wonder whether you did everything you wanted to do, or say everything you wanted to say, or love the things or people you wanted to love. Or at least I wonder that.

For the last week or so, I've found myself having difficulty sleeping with incessant thoughts running through my mind. I wish I had more time / Goodness being an adult sucks / It's so frickin' lonely / Thoreau's Walden seems quite applicable right now.

So I wonder if I did everything I wanted to do over the last four years of my high school experience. If I had to admit it, I know I didn't do everything. And knowing what it is I wished I did, eats me up.

Now Playing. This is totally me right now.

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Joyous said...

Hahahahahaa "I'll have to say then that You're All A Bunch Of Phonies." I resent that comment lool! If there's new material, i'll read, if not (which would explain the ratings drop) why should i? That's stalker behaviour, haha! :P

Hope you're okay. Don't regret the things you could have done, be grateful for those which you did have the opportunity to do. Count your blessings. God knows what he's doing and there's always something better in store. Like new experiences in university! Woo!!

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