23 September 2011

The deciduous leaf forever

       FALL IN ALL IT'S SPLENDID COLORS has arrived at last in the East.
      One thing I miss about this side of the country is the beauty autumn. You don't see that in the northwest with its evergreen trees and  year-long emerald  colors (although I now miss that dearly). People actually rake leaves here, but it is oh so much more poetic than that. It is as if they are ravishing fire with their rakes - fire that falls from tall giants, easing their arms after a torched summer. I actually have memories as a toddler of driving through New England on Sabbath afternoons, because if you live in New York, you can do that.

     Yes I do now miss the northwest, and the mountains, and the beauty of the immense ocean that brought joy to William Clark. Yet as for deciduous trees, they too are gorgeous in the autumn, acquainting me with rural Americana, something I am not exposed to in Washington. Back in Seattle, I had considered myself a liberal yuppie, as I was biking to the library, visiting the art museum, drinking coffee, and participating in local civics. Let's see how long I can maintain that character here.

The coffee's out. Haven't seen a Starbucks since the airport.
No bike here.
I'll have to cast an absentee ballot.
The nearest art museum is in Chicago.

But I can still be a liberal. Sort of.

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