19 August 2009

Beautiful Rockies on the way to Utah

If you haven't read my "Camporee recap" yet, I encourage you to do so, here.


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After having a good time in Denver visiting buildings, museums, and hospitals, we had a great time today touring the natural wonders of Colorado in the Rocky Mountain National Park.
We left Denver this morning at about 8 and drove almost two hours to Estes Park which is the entrance of RMNP. I took quite a lot of pictures while I was there, and they are all beautiful.
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And here are some pictures of the impressive me:
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While I was at Rocky Mountain National park, a squirrel came up to our car and found some food on the rocks near our car. I felt like naming him “Chuckie” but that seemed too cheesy, so I decided “Charles” would be more appropriate. The squirrel was good at posing for me, and a nice motorcycler who walked by smiled and agreed.
View Charles in the Rockies

Weather has been fairly sunny all day, though the Wyoming winds are a blast. This is the second-to-last night on the road, so I want to make the most out of this last leg of the trip. But you know, after leaving Oshkosh feeling all down, I just wanna go home, and then right back to school again. So we’re in Rawlins, Wyoming tonight – where the road lies.

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