10 August 2009

Monday morning in Minneapolis

I’m still in my hotel at this early our here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I woke up early once again but I’ve got some extra time before we go to the Mall of America.  Probably won’t be taking a normal shower for a few days since I’ll be in a campsite where everything is communist –- I mean communal; but I’m sure things will be clean since we’re Adventists, all 35,000 of us camping in Oshkosh. Bet that’s what the Israelites said after leaving Egypt – thought things would be fine doing everything together but they didn’t share so look what happened to them – 40 years in the desert eating nothing but Special K loaf and haystacks.
On the local morning news I heard the PGA tour was going to be here in Minnesota today, actually in Chaska which is a few miles southwest of Minneapolis.  Knowing my parents, we won’t have anything to do with it but a dozen miles is the closest I’ll be to Tiger Woods.
So that’s it for now from the Twin Cities, onto the largest American mall and then finally Oshkosh – where the road lies this morning.

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