07 August 2009

Now in the windy ‘Big Sky Country’

It's the first day on the road. After leaving home at 6 in the morning, we drove all day long through Spokane, in and out of Idaho, and finally here in Montana where I am right now. View Larger Map
So far I haven't seen any blonde wig-wearing teen girls who sing horribly and go by the name 'Hannah' in these parts.
Weather has varied widely; from the regular grey Washington skies to pelting rain in Idaho to the very very windy Montana country. I don’t see why the sky is bigger in Montana, looks like the same sky I see at home, just not that many trees in the way. Yet that gives me reason to look forward to nighttime when I can see the stars without any light pollution, the way man is supposed to look at the sky.
View Roadtrip 2009 - Home to Butte

Tonight we're lodging in a small town north of Butte. The lady at the desk said it was a "sleepy 'ol town" with all the shops closed relatively early. My dad and I went driving around the whole length of the town – all three quarters of a mile of it. Almost all the shops were closed at 5. Walking into a Safeway that's been around since 1902, I felt like an elephant in a giraffe convention. I must have obviously looked like a tourist, which makes you feel funny. But that's nothing a smile and polite words can fix, and I hope that works for the next two weeks. Tomorrow morning we'll be leaving  to attend church in Bozeman.
Time here in Montana is Mountain Standard Time. Current temperature is 58°F with some sun despite overcast conditions.
I’m going to go sit outside and have some of the bottled Italian lemonade I bought at that Safeway, and just look out across the rolling hills - that’s where the road lies tonight.

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