18 August 2009

On the road, on schedule in Denver

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As I talked about in my video blog on my last post, we are a bit behind schedule as we drive back home. We left Oshkosh Sunday morning and drove as far as we could, passing through Illinois (where drivers are VERY rude) which landed us in Davenport, Iowa. 
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Monday morning we left Davenport and drove to Sterling, Colorado, with a brief stop in Omaha. In Omaha we toured around the Old Market place which had some really cool stores like an old-fashioned candy store and bookstore where you’re practically drowning in books.
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Eventually we made it to Sterling, Colorado on Monday night. 

I forget where these pictures came from, but I know I took them in Colorado on our way to Sterling.
This morning (Tuesday AM), we drove from Sterling to Denver. We visited the United States Mint, the Denver Art Museum, and the 16th Street Mall way. There’s quite a bit more pictures here so take a look at all of them.

Finally, I found out there’s an Adventist hospital here in Denver – Porter Adventist Hospital - so we had dinner in their cafeteria. And dinner was quite delicious. Go Adventist institutions!  DSC04214

Time here in Denver is Mountain Standard Time. Today we experienced a nice morning sun, pelting noon rain, and then partly cloudy skies in the afternoon through evening, with a high of 77 and low of  56.
So we’re in a hotel north of Denver tonight – where the road lies for now. 
Very shortly from now, I will post on my adventures in Oshkosh at the Pathfinder Camporee. Please read it, it took me quite a while to write it all (It will soon be the  blog post above this one)

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