11 August 2009

Oshkosh or bust? We picked Oshkosh

It’s Monday, August 11 and I would like to say WE FINALLY MADE IT TO OSHKOSH! I am so grateful and happy to be here finally.
Let me tell you about what happened yesterday though. 
We left our hotel at about 8 AM and were headed to the Mall of America. Now I was told the Mall was open at 6 AM, and it turns out it was. Except the stores don’t open until 10. And I said ‘Damn’. What kind of a mall is open at 10, and especially the Mall of America, the mall that belongs to me? So we went walking around admiring what we couldn’t buy at all because nearly everything was closed. Except. Except for a Starbucks. Come on, we have like 12,500,4878 Starbucks coffee shops at home.

Man that was a lonely deserted place.
Instead we took a couple of pictures and left promptly for Minnehaha Falls Park, up near downtown Minneapolis. Minnehaha Park is absolutely gorgeous, very beautiful with all the trees and flowers like Central Park. I believe the Mississippi River flows right through it.
After leaving Minneapolis at about 11, we began the last stretch on the road to Oshkosh. And what was a 5 our trip turned out to be a bit longer. Mother’s directions were faulty. Gah. I don’t like that. We stopped at this farm mill or the like and this very nice senior Wiscosinian man helped us out. He said It’s ok, we’re all nice folks out here.” Indeed. We’re very grateful. DSC03964
At about 5 or 6 we entered Oshkosh and drove to the EAA Museum grounds where the Camporee is located. Everybody here is very nice, we were all waving to each other as we drove in, and we say ‘hi’ to each other walking around, it’s just a really great atmosphere out here.
We’ve got several plans today. Our Pathfinders’ activities have to be arranged, camp set up completely, and I’ll be volunteering from noon to 5. More pictures from here at the Camporee (where there appears to be WiFi) soon.
Current temperature (I’ve been told) is 63 degrees and climbing, breezy winds coming from the southwest. Time here in Wisconsin is Central Standard Time.
This Camporee is the largest Adventist gathering of the year, with more than 35,000 Pathfinders and staff here.  I’m very grateful and thankful to God for driving with us safely out here – where the road lies this splendid morning.

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