08 August 2009

Out of Montana, into the Badlands

After like 10 hours out on I-90/I-94 from Deer Lodge, Montana, we finally made it to North Dakota. Now I just have to say, the eastern half of Montana is one heck of a beautiful place. 

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The sky really is bigger and wider out there.  I was just blown away because outside my dad’s driver window were dark clouds about to start pouring while on my passenger window were clear skies and a beautiful sun. That is a big sky.  The towns in Montana are rather wide apart, but I guess that means your land is bigger too. Like a home on the range. And like I was saying yesterday, a smile and polite words will take you far – Montanans are quite nice folks.
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This morning we left the cabin in Deer Lodge and drove on Interstate 90 east. Originally we had planned to go to Bozeman Adventist Church but the directions I looked up were faulty. But upon driving out of Bozeman, we saw the Montana Conference headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I couldn’t believe it. Wandering around for like half an hour and then once we leave we see the Conference headquarters by the highway. Man. Are all Adventist conferences along a highway?
There we were, driving out on 90 and we came to a rest stop. And there at the rest stop was the other half of my Pathfinder club, including our club director Uncle Art, about to have lunch.  So we took a couple pictures and Uncle Art wants to see these pictures online tonight so here’s a shout out to the entire convoy -

Current conditions in eastern North Dakota are clear, and I understand there was supposed to be thunder and rain but we avoided that. Temperature is 54°F with some sun and rain as we drive east. This half of the state is still in Mountain Standard Time.
I’ve been thinking about how relaxed or pleasant life is out here for these Americans. They must enjoy their lives. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever be able to find that sort of peace someday, where the deer and the antelope play.  Well, we’re slowly moving (practically crawling) out of the country and into more populated places as we’re about to enter Minnesota. But we’re still in the breath-taking beautiful west, a place I’ve come to wonder and appreciate partly in tribute to some of my favorite classic actors like John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart, a place wild but won. Even this town where our motel is  hails itself as “Dickinson - the Edge of the West” – and that’s where the road lies tonight.

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