09 August 2009

Slow day between prairies and lakes

DSC03886We left Dickinson, North Dakota early this morning when the streets were all empty and the sun shone golden on the quiet brick town. Don’t you just love the awe and peacefulness of Sunday mornings?
The drive through North Dakota into Minnesota was largely uneventful, except for a few characters we encountered.  There was the nice senior North Dakotan farmer at the gas station, the terribly rude ruffians who flipped me off and cut in front of us, and the man from Oregon I conversed with who was also going to the Camporee. 

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Anyways, the day was once again full of driving but we were able to check into our hotel relatively early in the evening so we walked across the street and enjoyed some Chinese food as a family. Honestly we haven’t eaten at the same table at the same time for quite a while.  
Here’s a picture of that Chinese restaurantDSC03912 Oh wait, that’s a Hooters. Never mind.
So today was an awfully slow day on the road, not much at all to write about. I think our plan is to go to the Mall of America tomorrow morning and then we’ll leave for Oshkosh, Wisconsin about noontime, arriving there in the early evening.

Current temperature in southern Minneapolis is 78°F with some light clouds, nevertheless bright. Tomorrow’s forecast for Minneapolis partly sunny and some rain, although I consider that highly unlikely. Oshkosh is expected to have time same but with an increased chance of precipitation and thunder storm, altogether with a high of 81°F. Time here in Minnesota is Central Standard Time.
Tomorrow night we’ll be at the Camporee in Wisconsin, the main destination of this vacation. I will be volunteering there during the daytime for the the first three days, but each shift is only half the day. For the rest of the day, I think I’ll try my hand at mini-golf, a couple honors, and any other cool stuff I find. Like finding friends from the past, or friends I still have to meet.  Now I don’t know if there will be wireless internet at the campsite, but I do know there will be an email center.  There I’ll try to post a few updates about what’s going on, but I’ll also be updating Twitter via my cell phone.  My Twitter updates can be seen on this blog on the widget on the upper left-hand sidebar. And remember you can email me at neilryan [at] rocketmail . com
Hopefully tomorrow brings more positive excitement, but that’s it for this Sunday –our third day on the road- here south of Minneapolis where the road lies for now.
UPDATE: I just realized something to mention. I’m almost done with John Knowles’ classic book “A Separate Peace.” There are about two more chapters until the end, and I don’t think I’m quite ready to read the end because it seems too painful.  Knowles writes wonderfully; masterfully worded and intelligibly real.

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