22 December 2009

Change - he can blog in

Welcome back to my blog.
As some of you readers may know, this blog served to chronicle my roadtrip to Wisconsin for the Pathfinder Camporee. Now that the Camporee is over and I have long since returned home and resumed normal life, I have put this blog to a new service and yes, it also has a new, clean design.
Within the next couple days, I will be using this blog to "describe life growing up as an Adventist kid in changing times." It is my hope that the readership and the global internet community can observe and understand what it means to be an Adventist as a youth, and how I believe things will fallout as the Church and the world prepare for the time of the end, and the joyful return of our Saviour.
We live in challenging and hard times, and the Adventist church may not be stepping up the plate as it should, but I know there is an answer to this problem, and it is the same answer to all the problems we have in this world.
So stick around, I'll have more for you in the weeks, months, and perhaps years ahead; but for now, have yourself a blessed little Christmas - for that's where the road lies this season.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan! I'm Joy, i'm 16 and live in England.

I came by your blog via the "next blog" link.
I'm an adevntist teen too, and i'd love to see how your life is going while we are living in these difficult times! I've been searching for a decent blog for a long time now.

Hope you find some time to check out my blog :) http://jnyambane.blogspot.com/

God's richest blessings <3

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