16 December 2010

Christmas Again

Can you believe it has been more than six months since I have last posted? And the second to last post was about this time last year?

Once again I must offer my sincerest apologies. The life and times of an Adventist kid are busy and filled with too many cares to say the least.

There is so much to say, in regards to my education, to my emotions, to my relationships, to my accomplishments, and to my life; so as a pledge in penitence, for the next two weeks until school resumes I shall blog everyday - something.

I myself am on a journey of self discovery, for I do not know entirely I am yet. Assuredly I would like to know a little bit about myself, and perhaps I can unearth something as we close this year and move on to the next. Through writing (and perhaps a video or two), I hope to empty myself of all my "phoniness" and find what's real within me.

But for the most part, everything remains unknown, which is where the road lies tonight.

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Joyous said...

Glad your back. We are all on the same journey of self discovery - in fact I don't think it will ever end. At least we know we're never alone, no matter how deserted we may feel. Keep the faith Ryan! Keep blogging too! ;) x

N. Ryan said...

Well, um, wow. It's good to know you're still around. We should talk some time.

Joyous said...

Yeah it's not that easy to get rid of me =P. We should, and by the sounds of your latest blog it seems like you need someone to talk to. Its always nice to talk to someone impartial :) x

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