31 December 2010

In Days of Auld

Christmas may be the most sacred of Christian holidays, New Year’s is not. New Year’s may well be pinnacle of secular celebration for in it atheists and humanists alike see it as an opportunity to “imagine there’s no heaven”, to make a world with peace, sans religion. And as Christians we have no claim to New Year’s. It is simply a date on a calendar – the last date on the calendar.
AND while that is the case, Adventists can lay claim to New Year’s this year (and 2011) because New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day lie on the Sabbath.
This time around New Year’s is sacred to us, as it not only begins another sacred day of rest, but another year.
To celebrate special occasions, there is a Jewish blessing prayed called the Shehecheyanu. It is as follows:
Blessed are you Lord our God, king of the universe, who has kept us in life, has sustained us, and has permitted us to reach this moment.

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