18 December 2010

Shalom Shabbat

The Sabbath is a weekly holy day celebrated primarily by Jews and, supposedly, Adventists. Its grounds of existence are based off of the Biblical account of creation, the Ten Commandments, and it is defended by Paul and Jesus.

Now I say Adventists supposedly celebrate the Sabbath because there is little indication they (or if I were to include myself, we) actually rest on Saturday. I once saw a cartoon of a bustling, harried lady in an apron in a kitchen, with the subtitle “An Adventist woman on the Sabbath.” Its point being the Adventist culture has created these expectations in a pressing environment, where our focus on Saturday may not even be God, but rather it is simply the motions.

Clifford Goldstein, an Adventist theologian, points out in his book “A Pause for Peace” that it is odd that those who keep the Sabbath are accused of legalism when in actuality their Sabbath rest symbolizes their rest in the completed works of Christ, or at least it should.

The PBS show NOVA featured “an innovative way for observant Jews to use elevators on the Sabbath.”

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA.

Though strict in their policies, the Jews hold ideals closer to their roots.

And to those supporting the petition to air an advert about the Sabbath during the 2011 SuperBowl; verily, verily I say unto you it is a waste of time, money, and energy. Efforts by Adventists to enlighten people to the truth should be done on a personal and humble level. An advertisement such as this would cause more harm than good, the $2.8 million needed for such cause should be used for the 10/40 window or Adventist Education. Am I being like Judas the Iscariot here? Maybe, since I sure could use some help funding My Adventist Education, but let's show how important the truth is to us by living it instead of frivolously selling it.

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