28 January 2012

But Ham protested unto Noah

     Three African-American young people came and sat down in the pew in front of mine, next to an aged woman and two bored children. The woman looked uneasily, disdainfully at the late-comers.
     My colleague next to me asked me a question and I was whispering something to him. It was during the offertory and people do briefly converse during this time. The old lady in front of us turned around, looked irately at me and cantankerously huffed in my ear as I leaned in, “I’ve trained these children for years to be quiet in church and YOU’RE NOT SUPPORTING.”
     And I said, “Sister, if you’ve been teaching these children for years to be quiet in church, you should’ve been teaching them to love Jesus. And I’m not sure if you’re even capable of that." (Ok that's what I was thinking. I kept my mouth shut.)

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