10 March 2016

Paraphrase: Psalm 107 -- a song of the sea

The seamen go down to the sea in their great ships, 
following the shipping lines through the transient waters
Business they call it, but it is actually adventure to exotic lands
Tarshish, Sardinia, Tora Bora, Vancouver

And they find God there in the vastness, 
in the mysteries of the depths of the ocean
They find God in the broad night sky and 
the silent breezes of the noonday
He may blow the wind and cast the waves 
as high as heaven: he is king over the flood
The ships ride up with them, and fall into the trenches
Their hearts melt in fear, their vessels reeling to and fro
Staggering like a boy from a pub

They are pushed to the ends of faith
So they cry out to God, Save us Lord
else we perish -- and he hears their fears
He commands the storm, Peace! be still 
The waves settle down
And they are glad 
because they have found stillness
The signal is lowered, 
the ship is secure, 

And he brings them home again.

17 December 2014

You know what's pretty damn beautiful

Every Christmas when I fly home from the Far East 
I fly over the northern rim of the Pacific Ocean 
Carefully over the curve of the Japanese islands 
Above the Emperor Seamounts into the grasp of the Aleutian Trench
And in those few hours before I begin my descent into Seattle
I am above these pure, white ice floes

Sometimes it's still night when I fly in
And I can see sparse patches of lights
They're either Alaskan villages or lighthouses 

Sometimes the dawn has arrived early and
The beautiful white ice floes stand in contrast to the
Deep blue hue of the cold Pacific

But either way, I find peace in these ice floes
Because down there is silence and a pure innocent cold and
I know there isn't any life for miles and miles
Except for my airplane, flying over, taking me home

01 December 2014

Ferguson liturgy

"The same God who hung as Jesus on the cross is the God who lay beside Michael Brown on Canfield Drive."  
— Broderick Greer, who while I endorse much of what he is saying, happened to block me on Twitter, probably because I called him out on his un-Christian over-sensitivity

28 October 2014

Home was a dream, one I'd never seen, till you came along

     I just want to go home. At least I think that's what I want. Sometimes I wish I could just keep moving, forever wandering so that I never experience the withdrawal symptoms of leaving and returning home.

     Home is such a subjective concept. What is home? No longer is it a house with mother and father and brother. Home is just safety and stability. I find now that one could be in the remotest tropical village or in the middle of downtown, and one could feel altogether home and lost. Wandering and safe at the same time. 

27 July 2014

We need saints

We need saints without cassocks, without veils - we need saints with jeans and tennis shoes. We need saints that go to the movies that listen to music, that hang out with their friends. We need saints that place God in first place ahead of succeeding in any career. We need saints that look for time to pray every day and who know how to be in love with purity, chastity and all good things. We need saints - saints for the 21st century with a spirituality appropriate to our new time. We need saints that have a commitment to helping the poor and to make the needed social change. We need saints to live in the world, to sanctify the world and to not be afraid of living in the world by their presence in it. We need saints that drink Coca-Cola, that eat hot dogs, that surf the internet and that listen to their iPods. We need saints that love the Eucharist, that are not afraid or embarrassed to eat a pizza or drink a beer with their friends. We need saints who love the movies, dance, sports, theater. We need saints that are open sociable normal happy companions. We need saints who are in this world and who know how to enjoy the best in this world without being callous or mundane. We need saints.