19 December 2010

My Struggle

          Last night I saw once again a film whose plotline I adore, though its mise-en-scène is at times boorish and dull. “Billy Elliot” is the story of a British coal miner’s son who is drawn to the art of ballet; he tries to follow his dream while his world is falling apart. No it is not the story of an identity crisis; it is the struggle of inner angst seeking a medium to express itself.
          Usually I’m attracted to films and books I can relate to, “Billy Elliot” being no exception. Sure the themes of alienation, misunderstanding, depreciation, and angst are all feelings familiar to myself, but when I look at my environment and my breeding, it seems like those struggles (or my struggles, meine kampfe !) should not even exist.

Should I elaborate?
Well, I’ll look for you right back here tomorrow night.
Or if I’m lazy, the night after next.