17 August 2012

Go west young man

          After work today I had this impulse to drive towards the sunset, and that led me to the Edmonds beach. I figured I could use this solace opportunity to figure some things out in my head. I wandered the around the little downtown area with its cute little shops and sidewalk cafes and street entertainment, feeling very obscure and unsure of my intentions. Do I want fish and chips or do I want coffee? Ice cream? No I had my share last week; perhaps I should go to Starbucks for internet, but I'm supposed to be figuring things out in my head...
          Eventually I wandered down to the beach landing next to the ferry dock. There were a few people sitting on the jetty staring down the sun as it set, and I found my own seat on a rock. Middle aged hipsters and old people were doing their walkabouts. I took my turn at sun staring when a Carl Fredrickson-esque man came up next to me and spontaneously yet intently queried, "So, are you still in school?"

02 August 2012

Another Article: Chick-Fil-A and Christ

"The religious stood together today outside of Chick-Fil-A’s nationwide. 
More, in fact, at one time than we’ve ever seen waiting for a chance to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, or stand up for social outcasts whom society has marginalized. . .
You know, things Jesus actually told his followers to do."