28 March 2011

The future is known

There was a lot of apprehension in my mind as I embarked on this trip. I wasn't leaving for college already, nor was I off to complete some great task. As simple of a trip this was, it really was the beginning of my university experience as I was securing my tertiary education. I was going to see what it would be like to be away from home, alone, supposedly grown up.
And from what I got out of my two days in my future college, this experience was going to suck. I felt so dreary and lonely in my room, classes seemed difficult, the financial field was upsetting, the people indifferent if nit apparently phony, and I was reminded again of my lack of trusted amicable relationships. I would've thought four years in a boarding school would've been of help.

My last hour at Andrews I spent paying tribute to its namesake John Nevin Andrews. A member and leader of the early Adventist Church, Andrews was the first foreign missionary, emigrating to France as a single parent. The strains of the Lord's work caused him to come down with a sickly death not too many years later. Regardless, Andrews lived for the unknown, for the adventure, for the fear of the future that is replaced by the peace of faith. He lived for the kingdom of God in the confines of earth.
Such are the footsteps I follow, where the road lies now; and in the faith of a future known to the merciful God I rest this weary soul.

27 March 2011

A Mecca of Adventism

I arrived at Andrews University on Wednesday morning. The guest room I stayed in was gloomy and gray, and the whole campus seemed dreary. I suppose it was the weather. An Auburn faculty member I know said when he first walked upon his alma mater Union College, he "felt the breath of God blow upon" his face. So was I feeling God's tears falling upon Andrews?
One of the first things I noted was the bureaucracy in the school, but it is an Adventist tradition. I also noted its buildings and some of the interiors of its buildings are styled from the 1960s or 1970s, but once again many colleges are archaic.
Most of Wednesday I spent talking to professors and advisors. That was actually very helpful. On Thursday I sat in some classes, which were actually quite interesting.

23 March 2011

Morning in Motown

Plane ride from Seattle to Detroit was miserable. I boarded the airplane and found my seat next to a burly guy eating a sandwich. Cautiously I said "hello" the way Kurt Hummel would greet his father. Couldn't sleep at all throughout the flight. When I arrived in Detroit, I was greeted by the music of the Jackson 5, after all, this is Motown. Below is a picture of the tunnel of lights connecting two concourses at the Detroit Airport, where the road lies this morning.

22 March 2011

The first leg

I'm here at Sea-Tac International Airport, right in front of the window my father and I sat in front of several months ago when we were on our way to Atlanta. It is night now and it is not the bright sunset I once peacefully saw but the lights of small airplanes preparing for take off. The airport isn't very noisy, but it isn't exactly peaceful. A beautiful art piece made of hundreds of simple dangling airplane toys hangs from the ceiling. Light reflects off the strings and give an illusion of the sun piercing through clouds.
I love the airport. It is a busy place thus appealing to my senses, but what's more is that it is essentially a gate to the world, a port of possibilities. It has its shops and restaurants like a mall, but the fact that its visitors are here with a purpose and a destination give it allure, esteeming it to a place where dreams can be reached in a click of a seatbelt. My future as a student and a scholar, and as a theologian and a professor shall be reached at this port of possibilities, where the road lies tonight.

Traveling again

I'm on the road again tonight. I'm debating whether I should blog here or at my new mistress blog neilryan.posterous.com. Twitter will be continually updated while I'm on the road.

19 March 2011

Once again

Once again I must apologize for not blogging in a while.

On a different note, I would like to mention that I have caught up entirely with my laundry and now my dorm room is cleaner, brighter, and with more space. You may have seen a picture of my wall on Facebook:

I'm rather eclectic in my picture choices for my wall, and it conveys my background, as well as my aspirations.

There isn't a lot of furniture in my dorm room, though I hope to be putting in some modern decor soon, with less than 3 months left in academy. In college my room may become even more of a mess, but with the help of modern decor, my roommate and I could be having a blasted old time.