01 December 2013


The prophecy of Daniel 2 is a significant part of Adventist theology. The image of gold, silver, bronze, iron, and clay symbolizing the progress of world history represented by major empires. I take great pleasure in the thought of the rock in 2:34ff that will destroy the image, crushing it into pieces and then enveloping the whole world. Adventist theology espouses this rock as the second advent; it is Jesus coming in clouds of glory, not as the millenialists believe it as the reign of the church and the kingdom in peace until the advent. This rock will come once and for all; it is Jesus who will come to destroy empire and violence. He will come to crush the systems of oppression man as created, capitalism and communism, and he will rule in peace and justice. Jesus comes to liberate us. I take great pleasure in dwelling on Jesus’ destruction of the empire once and for all. The darkness and powers of this world will not hold us forever.

Manila, Philippines

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