17 February 2017

Thoughts on a mountain

I wrote in my journal sitting in the mess hall of base camp on Mount Kenya.

I remember when I was in the year in between. I felt hopeless and without meaning. I would listen to these songs that when I listen to them now, I relive those dark memories. I keep wondering if I will move on to a more hopeful era in my, or if I will figure myself out even more. Sometimes things seem wonderful, then things come crashing down.

I have a student who told me he had gone through a dark period in his life, and he decided he would rather leave God than go through dark times with God. I didn't know how to respond.

But whether these are good times or hard times in my life, I don't think I've even considered completely abandoning God and faith. I will yell at God, I will be angry at God, but I could never turn my back on God. I don't know how to convince my student to do the same.

Base Camp, Mount Kenya

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