20 March 2017

But does God care about love itself?

I have wondered if God cared at all about our romantic lives beyond the canned advice of sanitized notions of Christian love. The foundational supposition for God is that God is love, but theology usually implies that in a brotherly sense, or an unconditional quality. But does God understand when our hearts break from the throes of romantic love? Does God care when we suffer from the loneliness that pervades us when we long for the embrace of another body? Can the God who angers at injustice and weeps with the mourning, can he care when you love someone but it goes to waste? 

Does he not bear the pain we endure? Can’t he feel our brokenness, our hopeless romanticism? 

Aren’t there verses in Song of Songs that express this loss? “I have sought my true love; I have sought him but not found him. I have called him but he has not answered. If you find my beloved, will you not tell him that I am faint with love?” 

Or what of the perennial analogy of the broken relationship with God and Israel, husband and bride? Does he empathize with us as when his own heart was broken by love?

Surely this God -- whom we take for granted being concerned with justice, mercy, and grace, a God who is love itself -- can feel the same pain as an angst ridden youth sore from the grief of lost love?

Snohomish County, Washington

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